About Mottola Ranch

Mottola Ranch, with its tranquil setting, 400 acres of southern California land and enriched history, created such a place with its sole purpose of sharing this paradise with all of their wonderful guests. We here at Mottola Ranch have designed this beautiful ranch for friends, family, as well as organizations to come relax, learn, and have a pleasurable time with our abundant amenities, as well as our wide array of seasonal and planned events throughout the year. With the ranches breathe taking views, outstretched lands offering diversified agricultural elements, you decide where your adventures begin here at Mottola Ranch.

The year 1890 marked the beginning of a rich history for what is today the Mottola Ranch. The Miners, an immigrant family from Ellis Island set their eyes on the exquisite 1,000 acre piece of southern California land with hopes of building and fulfilling their dream of a full homestead. In 1885 the family began the framework of this vision. Five years later, Teddy Roosevelt as part of the California Homestead Act signed for the approval, thus making the property an official homestead. Following this signature, the deep rooted dream of a full homestead remained with Edward Leonard the second consecutive owner, followed by Bob Harris the third. 1975 under the ownership of Mr. Harris began the Lucky Six Cattle Company. In early 2003, Dana Mottola then claimed ownership of the beautiful ranch. As a young girl in 1975 Dana became quite familiar with the ranch, as she too rode horses and took part in the many opportunities and adventures the ranch has to offer. Dana grew up on the outskirts of the ranch's property line, however became like family with the ranch and its owners. Dana wanted to keep the dream of a true homestead ranch for all to enjoy. In 2003 when she became owner, and saved the ranch from being plowed into a golf course, Dana kept the ranch's original dream in existence.